Buppa LaPaloo Bear

BuppaLaPaloo is a unique, first-of-its-kind best friend for children.  It interacts with them and teaches them strong, powerful, fun, statements to help them claim how special they really are: I love me!,  I love my body!, I love to laugh!, I am so loved! are some of the joyful announcements that your child will speak back to their best pal.




It is a well known fact that the basis of most of our world's problems is a lack of self love, importance and self-esteem. It is the core of bulimia, anorexia, bullying, poor grades, and early pregnancy. These challenges escalate into shootings, racism, and discrimination within our society. Psychologists agree that a child's personality and basic life pattern is firmly embedded by the ages of 4-7.

How does BuppaLaPaloo work?


The BuppaLaPaloo Bear is designed to teach children to define themselves and their world in powerful ways.


This interactive toy works with the press of a paw.


A positive, empowering message is delivered, which the child then repeats back to the bear in first person statements.


This simple exercise creates strong self definitions of himself or herself and the world with which they will build health, happiness and success in every area of their lives throughout their adulthood.


Phrases include;

I Love Me  •   I Am So Powerful  •   I Love My Body  •   I Love To Smile

I Love To Giggle  •   I Love To Dance  •   I Love Being Happy

I Am A Gift To The World  •   I Love You  •   I Am Free To Be Me

I’m Gonna Be Great  •   I Can Be Anything I Want To Be

I Feel Good  •   I Am So Loved


The other paw allows them to record and empower themselves with their own loving messages, or allows the parent to share strong, loving messages with their child.


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